Wipe out exhaustion with my 4 week Sleep Enhancement Programme

Sleep Better, Feel Better Do Better

Next live course starts on 1st November 2021


Science has proven that if you sleep well, you'll age better,  enjoy your life more and your concentration, focus and creativity will be optimised

  • Step by step online lessons  Introduction to Sleepology by Anandi® approaching sleep disturbance in the right order.

  • Private Facebook Group  Interact with others  and ask questions

  • Weekly Live Webinar  Join the weekly live and get your questions answered and enjoy live practices with Anandi

  • Downloadable pdf documents Each week has a homework document you can download and work from.

  • Video content.  Weekly video lessons for each of the Sleepology by Anandi® principles

Why focus on getting a good nights sleep?

Science has proven that if you sleep well, you'll age better, not die early and enjoy your life while you're here.  Concentration, focus and creativity also depend on a good nights sleep.


Focus the mind

Getting the right amount of sleep is fundamental to the ability to focus the mind and being productive.

Be your creative best

Lack of good quality sleep zaps your ability to be creative.  Proven by science, sleep refreshes the brain for the day ahead.

Age well

Science clearly links the rate of aging to the quality of sleep.  Poor sleep leads to degeneration of memory and the immune system.

Enjoy being alive

If you want to enjoy life, you need energy.  Good quality sleep leaves you refreshed and revitalises in the morning.

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